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The process of completing a thesis is the most challenging time in a graduate student’s progression to earn their Master’s degree. It is difficult to complete the tasks and you will require guidance from our professors. The thesis subjects of a master’s degree are widely diverse as are the degree areas. Apart from this, every institution and department often have their own requirements which necessitate compliance. The consultation, editing and mentoring services of EditProz will make navigating this process easier and matriculation much faster.

EditProz has over 20 years’ experience in assisting graduate students through thesis completion. Our team is comprised of top doctoral scholars who specialize in academic and scholarly writing and APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and other citation style review.

Recent research indicates that over 98% of all Master”s thesis fail to comply with proper citation style, which upon final review is often causative of re-write after re-write, resulting in lost time and significant cost or an insufficient grade, preventing matriculation. The teaching and research professionals at EditProz possess a doctorate degree with expertise in editing and researching in multiple disciplines and subject areas. Our notable scholars carry expertise and experience in critical evaluation, multiple citation style editing, and data analysis, and work with you one-on-one throughout the process. EditProz designs services to fit your specific needs.

While requirements may change slightly from school to school, correct style editing, quality critical thinking, analysis and research design are concepts that do not change and our professors are experts in these areas. We value our customers and thus provide 24-hour service for their convenience. Our experts will be there with you through each step guiding you through the process of thesis writing and helping you to enrich the content of your subject.

We will provide a free analysis and cost quote based upon your specific needs. EditProz is here to help you today. Call us toll-free at: 877-291-1849.


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Individualized instruction and consultation. You will work one-on-one with a professor.

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When you work with our professors, their guidance will prevent errors and multiple re-writes. We also have the lowest prices.

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EditProz stands behind its services 100%.


EditProz only employs doctoral scholars who are teaching professionals. So rest assured your work will be representative of a top scholarly product.

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