In the New APA 7th edition, there is new and updated content on scholarly writing and publishing principles. With so many changes, dissertation editing becomes more important than ever. It is beneficial to secure the expertise of a certified APA editor for your dissertation help. Some of the changes include information about types of journal articles and student papers, ethical and accurate reporting of research results, data retention and sharing (with additional data-sharing considerations for qualitative research), contributions meriting publication credit, authors’ intellectual property rights during the manuscript review. Additionally, paper elements and formatting for professional and student papers have changed. The seventh edition includes guidelines for student paper title page formatting that is different from professional paper title page formatting.

Student title page elements include the course number and name, instructor name, and assignment due date as well as the omission of the running head are some of the new changes in the 7th edition. When it comes to titles and headings in the 7th edition, the title of the paper should be in title case, bold, centered, and positioned in the upper half of the title page and clearer instructions on how to format a byline are also provided in the updated changes. Affiliations for authors working at different institutions now use a superscript format that involves using Arabic numerals to connect author names to the appropriate affiliations. For all authors, academic affiliations must include the name of any department or division and the name of the institution, separated by a comma. It is not necessary to include the location of the institution unless the location is part of the institution’s name.

The 7th edition also does not require a running head on student papers. Professional manuscripts still should include a running head of 50 characters or fewer. The words “Running head:” no longer appear in the header. An abstract is not required for student papers unless the school or professor chooses to have you include it. There are also significant changes to the reference list, footnotes, appendices, supplemental materials, page order, spacing, headers, and fonts. EditProz’ scholars can help you navigate this process easily. It’s what we do!