Schools Take Liberties with Standard APA Style

APA style is APA style, and you would like to think schools all follow that standard outlined in the APA Guide to streamline processes and create a uniform way to write/edit an APA citation style manuscript. But alas, nothing could be further from the truth. As APA certified editors who have been editing APA since version 4, we see a veritable plethora of different adaptations to APA style but schools. Some schools adhere strictly to the APA Guide, while others modify and abridge their requirements towards a hybrid style of APA. This makes it difficult for editors because we must review the style guides for each respective school to ensure we are using the style appropriate for that school. At times, the style used can even vary by department within the school, which complicates things further. For students, it becomes problematic because when writing their manuscript, they must reference not only the APA Style Guide but also their school’s manuscript guide. Additionally, if the author wishes to submit their work to a journal, the journals also have their respective modifications and exceptions to standard APA style.

Add to that difficulty, the fact that many committee members or professors think they know APA style, but with the Guide changing often, amendments being added, and new editions being implemented, they often do not. Wise advice here is, we edit to please the committee or professor, even if they are incorrect because ultimately, the student must please them to progress smoothly and matriculate.

Therefore, it is important to retain an accredited APA editing service based in the United States with certified APA editors who are doctoral scholars to prevent the potential of delay and expedite the process of approval of your manuscript. EditProz uses only doctoral scholars who are also teaching professionals and certified within their area of expertise. Our editors have years of experience and can help students navigate the maze of requirements.


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