In editing so many student’s manuscripts, one thing is universally true, that individual schools often take liberties with standard APA style. Where this causes difficulties is in editing the documents, editors must know the exceptions the school takes regarding APA requirements. For example, I recently edited a manuscript where the school wanted all block quotes and references to be single-spaced rather than double-spaced as is considered standard according to the APA 7th edition manual.

Other instances involve schools requiring either a DOI number or URL, where APA requires a DOI number and if not locatable, the URL from which the reference was retrieved. Also, some schools vary the requirements for the ancillary pages (table of contents, dedication, copyright page, acknowledgments, title page, etc.).

Because of these exceptions to the standard style, a student must retain a certified expert in the respective citation style they have used to write their manuscript. This means hiring a doctoral scholar in the United States to edit your document. A Master or Bachelor level editor will not have the expertise nor will they understand the nuances of the dissertation process or the procedure relating to committee satisfaction. You can rest assured that EditProz will provide only the most complete and competent work because the editors at EditProz are all doctoral scholars and teaching professionals who have become certified in their respective citation styles (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.). Contact EditProz today for a free quote and review toll-free at (888) 645-2425 or